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The Canadian Way: How companies can also support local charities!

One thing that most Canadians can agree on is that charity is important, there are a lot of good causes that need support. That being the case the vast majority of companies consider charitable donations to be an important part of their business. There are lots of ways that they can do this, in most cases however the most effective approach is to support local charities. This will not only make the community in which the company operates a better place but it will also allow the company itself to get the most benefit out of their charitable giving.

The most straightforward way for companies to support local charities is simply by giving them money. All charities are in need of money so offering a donation is an effective way to help them. This is something that almost all companies do at some level or another. While it will certainly help the charity there are other ways that companies can help charities that may actually be more effective.

One of the most effective ways that companies can support local charities is by offering their product to the charities that need them. There are few companies that produce something that a charity does not need so this is an option for virtually all companies. An example of this is the good will efforts of Stanton Optical who donate glasses and other eye care products to charities that provide them to people who can't afford glasses.

The reason that this approach is often more effective than giving money is that it greatly increases the effective donation. For example when Stanton Optical gives out glasses they are giving out far more of them than the charity would be able to buy if they were given cash since the actual cost to produce the glasses is far less than their selling price.

Another very effective way that companies can support local charities is to encourage their customers to give to charity. This is often done with a matching donation by the company which makes it doubly effective. The more people who are giving to charity the more people the charity will be able to help so when companies set up collection booths in their stores or ask people to make a donation when they are paying for their purchase it greatly helps the local charities.

One last way that companies can support their local charities is by allowing their employees time to volunteer with a charity. Something that all charities need besides money is volunteers so this is something that benefits the charity greatly. It can also be a huge benefit to the company by providing them with employees who are happy and fulfilled and feel like they work for a company that actually cares about the community that they live in.