Toronto Travel Guide
TORONTO Travel Guide

The Best Hotels in Toronto, we know 'm!

A few of the most favorite holiday spots include the Caribbean islands, New York, London, Paris, Miami, Venice, Scotland's highlands and Toronto. All of these spots have a great vacation to offer. Canada is becoming a recent favorite of people who love travelling and many new attractions have been built in Canada for the tourists. Being a country in the north of America makes the weather cold most of the months. The biggest city of Canada is Toronto. Many people confuse Toronto to be the capital of Canada which is not true. The capital city is Ottawa; however, Toronto is undoubtedly, the most popular and the most happening city of Canada. This city is located in the province of Ontario.

Toronto is a full of life and offers a great deal of variety to the diverse tourists. You will find some of the most beautiful architectural as well as natural sites in Toronto. It has many historic and culturally rich museums, art galleries with the most stunning work of art and all other sorts of entertainment that will amuse you in several different ways. Driving your own car, riding a bike or in a bus, taking a ferry ride or simply walking around Toronto is great fun as there are many traffic signals and signals that describe your location. All you need is a map. Accommodation is not a problem here. You will find the best hotels which will provide you the most hospitable services. You can choose a hotel depending on how much you want to spend on accommodation. You can select between hotels to luxury and many budget hotels. All of these have different rents and of course different features and services. However, staying in a budget hotel does not mean that you will not be looked after. It just means that might they mostly, charge you for extra facilities that the luxury hotels include in their rent.

These following guidelines will help you in choosing the most appropriate hotel for you.

· If you want to spend more on roaming around and your enjoyment of the different highlights of the city then your best choice will be a budget hotel. It will save you money on accommodation which you can use in other activities. Some of the best budget hotels in Toronto are Bond Place Hotel, Travelodge Toronto Downtown West, Hotel Victoria Downtown Toronto, Howard Johnson Hotel Toronto-Markham and The Strathcona Hotel.

· If money is not an issue and you are willing to spend a good amount on your living and accommodation then go for a luxury hotel. You will get all sorts of luxuries in these hotels from swimming pools to gyms, from great views to large bedrooms. Even cuisines from all around the globe are included in their menu lists. There are many boutique hotels in Toronto as well. These are also high in budget but have unique themes. Some of the best luxury and boutique hotels rated by the government of the city include The Hazelton Hotel, The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Residences, The Drake Hotel and many others.

· Apart from these there are many airport and downtown hotels to choose from. It's better if you compare the prices and services of different hotels before making your reservation.